Hello everybody!

Okay okay, I know I have just started this blog and have only 3 posts and the number of views that I have is pathetic……But, I would like to start this new initiative/blog where I feature different people of the internet.  The concept is something similar to Humans of New York, but I would be doing of more of an interview style (webcam, email, or internet chat style whichever you prefer) and I would like you to be part of it! Yes, YOU!

I hope it is going to be exciting for you as it is for me! And for it to work out, you have to be part of it and join this community! So, email me with your blog URL at, like this post, comment on it, follow me, and I will contact you.

Also, let your friends know (share this post, share the link, etc) and get them to join this and be part of it too! Or, comment on who you would like to see featured in this new initiative and I’ll try my best to get it done!

Join me today in this initiative!


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